New Zealand can become a global design leader. But first New Zealand needs to recognise and value New Zealand design and designers. DesignCo articulates, facilitates, communicates and supports New Zealand design.  

Design is our mission. We believe design is fundamental to New Zealand’s social, cultural and economic future. We think New Zealand has a distinctive design culture and by shaping a strong national design identity, we can better position ourselves as a uniquely creative and innovative nation.

Collaboration is our strength. By joining together we are a stronger force. By working together we create and share new knowledge. By standing together we become a louder voice. By advocating together we elevate the role of design and designers in New Zealand’s future.  

DesignCo is a singular voice for design. DesignCo aggregates and amplifies the work of its members and partners. DesignCo harnesses the power of its community, celebrating collectively the creation of new solutions and new knowledge through and with design.

Design is our mission.  
Collaboration is our strength.  
Together we are DesignCo.